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Enrich your shooting experience with an intimate wedding photography workshop curated by accomplished and approachable artists. 

The Educational Editorial Workshop
Curated to enhance both your portfolio
and skillset in an intimate setting.

DREAM 2023: California

The Educational Editorial Workshop

Curated to enhance both your portfolio and skillset in an intimate setting.

Only the bold have big and crazy dreams. Only the brave make their dreams a reality.

Escape to a world of elegance and beauty through a culturally unique lens. From the grandeur of the Georgian-style mansion to the exquisite details of the manicured gardens, Filoli offers an enchanting experience that is sure to leave you spellbound. An iconic destination sought after by luxury clients tells a wedding story that is both publishable and marketable.

Experience the Allure of Filoli Historic House and Gardens and Allow Yourself to DREAM

October 18, 2023
Filoli Historic House and Gardens Woodside, California

What are you dreaming of?

A fully stylized wedding concept centered around the idea of a cultural mosaic, where different cultural influences are brought together to create something new and beautiful. A garden luxe ceremony and full estate reception are curated to highlight the impeccable style and design of both Indian and Western influences. The romance of an English estate with the vibrancy of South Asian culture come together in modern and artistic ways to fuse the character of India in a secret garden escape.

South Asian Garden Fusion: A Cultural Mosaic in Bloom

october 18th, 2023 — filoli — california

DESIGNED BY indigo event design


Lush floral backdrops and bold, vibrant color blocks are patterned throughout the display which includes a full ceremony and multi-table reception, bride and groom in couture fashion, impeccable fine art flatlays, and cake that doubles as art. The pastel tones, architecture, and golden light of California inspire here to create luxurious and decadent style in the heart of the gardens of Filoli.

A cohesive story to create a visually stunning gallery ready for submission and potential clients looking for just a little more from their wedding photographer.

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October 18, 2023
Filoli Historic House and Gardens
Woodside, California

The Educational Editorial

A Wedding Photography Workshop

No. 04  —  Full immersive mock reception dinner

No. 03  —  Education on how to attract and work with luxury planners from Rebecca Foster

No. 02  —  High fashion, full scale luxury wedding editorial

No. 01  —  Educational time with Rudney Novaes

The Program

No. 01  —  Beautifully curated, publishable content

The Results

No. 02  —  Inquiries from a wider range of clients

No. 03  —  Post workshop follow up

No. 04  —  Networking and collaboration

No. 05  —  Evergreen content for Google & SEO

Expand Your Portfolio
Gain the experience necessary to confidently book a wider range of clients.

Connect with New Contacts
Meet the masterful makers and establish relationships with our vendor team.

Impeccably Planned
Skip the stress associated with executing your own editorial and shoot stress free. 

Solo Support
Receive individual guidance from practiced professionals.

Because we know what makes workshops work!

Offering thoughtfully styled subjects, uninterrupted time to create and capture, as well as personalized guidance and expert advice, this intimate wedding photography workshop was designed with you in mind...

Train your artist’s eye with an exclusive experience designed and created by practiced professionals 

Are you tired of competing with other class attendees for the same shot? 
New to film and nervous about seeking guidance at a busy seminar? 
Or perhaps you’re in need of some fresh and inspiring content? 

Replace your workshop worries with an educational editorial

At Filoli Gardens you will experience a completely unique, visually stunning, creatively fulfilling editorial designed to inspire and allow you to DREAM. Bring your unique perspective to capture what your ideal clients are looking for. Be their beacon in a market of ordinary.

And I’ve been intrigued by photography since I was a boy. In youth I discovered a fascination with film when my Father left behind a vintage camera. I was amazed by the mechanics of the time-worn device, in awe of its capability to freeze moments in time. Today, I’m an editorial and wedding photographer capturing stories filled with feeling, and my love of light and film continues to shape my craft. I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge I’ve chased since childhood with aspiring creatives and seasoned professionals alike, and I believe wholeheartedly that there’s always more to learn from one another. 

Hi there, I'm Rudney Novaes —

Meet the creative behind the concept

More about me!

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About the Creator

Rebecca is the magically creative visionary behind Indigo Event Design's acclaimed work. Rebecca has a special passion for celebrating others. Her love of celebration and contagious enthusiasm, mixed with her extensive experience and engaging, collaborative spirit, puts her clients right at ease. At Indigo Event Design, Rebecca is intensely hands on through the entire planning and design process. Her extensive multi-cultural experiences and world travel help her infuse her clients' cultural and religious beliefs into every aspect of their event decor.

She and her team are passionate about celebrating all people. They specialize in Indian, Desi, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and Middle Eastern weddings.

About Rebecca Foster

Small groups of attendees with both group and individual shooting time

8 hours of learning and shooting on site from 11am-7pm

Full luxury wedding editorial designed by Indigo Event Design  

Live in-person film & technique education


Multiple vignettes impeccably styled by Rebecca Foster

Personalized guidance from our curated vendor team

We will provide a list of nearby hotels and accommodations that we recommend once you register. Filoli Historic House and Garden is conveniently located near both Palo Alto, CA and San Francisco, CA which both offer a wide range of places to stay. We suggest even partnering up with other participants in the Facebook group to arrange group travel!

Where should I stay during the workshop?

Of course! You can use all of the images on your website and social media channels. I value crediting vendors for their art, and as participants I kindly ask you to credit the entire creative team involved in the workshop. You may also submit your images for publication immediately after the workshop. There is no wait time on your images and we encourage all participants to submit!


Due to the nature of the workshop your ticket price is non-refundable. As such, you will not be able to cancel your ticket once payment has been taken. If for any unseen circumstances you are unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your seat to another participant.

What is the cancelLation policy? 

Once you register, you will receive a detailed list of helpful information on how to prepare for your shooting day. In the meantime, one of the main things to consider is bringing your favorite film/digital camera and film stock. We recommend bringing a variety of cameras to experiment and try!

What Should I bring with me? 

A lot of time! Before the workshop date you will receive a schedule and detailed program with instructions on how to prepare and what to bring as well as tips on how to make the most of our education and hands on learning opportunities. We will have an organized timeline and groups of two moving through stations guided by Rudney Novaes where he gives both demonstration, explanation, and time to implement and work on your own.


No, while one of this guided editorial's goals is to help you understand and experiment with the magic of film, it is not the primary focus of the workshop. Both film and digital photographers are welcome. It is, however, essential to have a strong understanding and knowledge of your own camera. If you have any technical concerns about your gear, please let me know beforehand so we can discuss it together. 


don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

Jennifer Conti Photography

Jennifer Conti

Rudney has such innate talent and such a natural way of sharing that talent with others. He has a comfort about him that makes him approachable, understanding, patient, and your biggest fan all at the same time. I learned so much from him, elevated my work and business, and continue to do so as his help isn’t over when the workshop is. He really wants you to succeed and is always available for advice, tips, questions, encouragement, and feedback even after your official time together is over! Thanks for being such an inspiration Rudney!

His style is effortless and learning from him is like him opening his book and letting you step inside.

Katie Trauffer Photography

Katie Trauffer

After The Educational Editorial last year at Oheka Castle, I could go on for hours about how I leveraged your workshop to book ideal clients! I am so so thankful for my experience with you and your workshop. 

When you’re passionate about giving yourself the best value for the money- you need to make the most of every educational resource you invest in. This is one of those resources.

The Educational Editorial has changed my life and completely transformed my business. My prices doubled and I'm booking more ideal clients than ever.

Oscar Navarre Photography

Oscar Navarre

After 4 years of being mentored by Rudney, my craft has tremendously improved. He has taught me one-on-one, but also through the amazing Film Theory Workshop. He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown. At every wedding, workshop, or styled shoot we have worked, Rudney executes with excellence and performs with passion.

He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown.

Who is it for:


Full Workshop Ticket
October 17, 2023


Workshop Price: $3,295

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Experiment with new techniques, lighting, posing, and other exploratory elements 

Further strengthen ongoing relationships with experienced vendors and elite venues

Reignite your creative passion for photography, expanding your artistic knowledge and visual eye

Diversify your existing portfolio with high-level luxury content, worthy of publication

Seasoned film shooters looking to:

An opportunity to expand your photography knowledge in a nurturing yet professional setting 

Connection and networking opportunities with luxury-level wedding industry vendors

An intimate opportunity to capture stunning visuals, elevating your photography portfolio

Curated expertise from seasoned professionals who will be on site to guide your experience

Aspiring film photographers seeking:


Full Workshop Ticket
October 18, 2023

Huntington, New York

Oheka Castle 

Westerly, Rhode Island

Ocean House 

Washington, D.C.

Anderson HOuse

Miami, Florida


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