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Enrich your shooting experience with an intimate film photography series curated by accomplished and approachable artists. Choose from five different dates and aesthetics to suit your style, or join us for the entire program for your complete portfolio enhancement.

An Educational Editorial
curated to enhance your portfolio,
in an intimate setting.

Introducing ...

Individual Input
 Collaborate with the
team to implement your
unique creative vision.

Connect with new Contacts
Meet the masterful makers and establish relationships with our vendor team.

Impeccably Planned
Skip the stress associated with executing your own editorial. Simply show up and shoot!

Solo Support
Receive individual guidance from practiced professionals.

Because we know what makes workshops work!

Offering thoughtfully styled subjects, uninterrupted time to create and capture,
as well as personalized guidance and expert advice,
this intimate portfolio building series was designed with you in mind...

Train your artist’s eye with an exclusive experience designed and created by practiced professionals. 

Are you tired of competing with other class attendees for the same shot? 
New to film and nervous about seeking guidance at a busy seminar? 
Or perhaps you’re in need of some fresh and inspiring content? 

Replace your workshop worries with an educational editorial

Experiment with new techniques, lighting, posing, and other exploratory elements 

Further strengthen ongoing relationships with experienced vendors and elite venues

Reignite your creative passion for photography, expanding your artistic knowledge and visual eye

Elevate your existing portfolio with high-level luxury content, worthy of publication

Seasoned film shooters looking to:

An opportunity to expand your photography knowledge in a nurturing yet professional setting 

Connection and networking opportunities with luxury-level wedding industry vendors

An intimate opportunity to capture stunning visuals, elevating your photography portfolio

Curated expertise from seasoned professionals who will be on site to guide your experience

Aspiring film photographers seeking:

Who is it for:

Curved & Co.

Nikki Daskalakis

Rudney helped teach me how to use film with a hands-on approach. He let me practice on his medium format Contax and Mamiya. Rudney taught me to document each setting on my camera for every shot I took in a log, how to measure light with a meter, and a few other basics. Within just a few hours with Rudney, I had a strong grasp on the basics of shooting film. When I got my first scans back from the lab, I referred to that log to see what settings I preferred, and how I liked to shoot. I’m so grateful for Rudney teaching me how to shoot film.

He’s been an invaluable and approachable resource throughout the process and continues to answer questions to help me grow as a photographer. 

Jennifer Conti Photography

Jennifer Conti

Rudney has such a natural talent and such a natural way of sharing that talent with others. He has a comfort about him that makes him approachable, understanding, patient, and your biggest fan all at the same time. I learned so much from him, elevated my work and business, and continue to do so as his help isn’t over when the workshop is. He really wants you to succeed and is always available for help, tips, questions, encouragement, and feedback even after your official time together is over! Thanks for being such an inspiration Rudney!

His style is effortless and learning from him is like him opening his book and letting you step inside.

Oscar Piña Photography

Oscar Piña

After 3 years of being mentored by Rudney, my craft has tremendously improved. He has taught me one-on-one, but also through the amazing Film Theory Workshop. He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown. At every wedding, workshop, or styled shoot we have worked, Rudney executes with excellence and performs with passion.

He has empowered me to feel like I can take over the film photography world, something I was afraid to do because it was so unknown.

 An Educational Editorial, styled exclusively for you...

Coming april 12, 2021

Designed to expand and elevate your portfolio, this educational editorial offers superior styled shoot prospects together with guidance from the professionals behind its creation. Capture visually stunning images during your 2 hour or 3 hour time slot and receive expert personalized instruction to help you make the most of this unique and exciting opportunity.

Expand your aesthetic with an experience for artists, by artists.

Access to multiple scenes for portfolio enrichment

Styled vignettes by renowned professionals

2-3 hours of shooting time, in a small group setting

Guided in-person film photography instruction

An inviting atmosphere, enabling your comfort and creativity

Collaboration with our team of professionals

Option of a one-day workshop dates available 

Experienced models with professional hair and makeup

Don't worry, we have the answers!

A real educational Experience!

Our experience together begins with a two-hour live virtual class where I will teach you the theory of film and necessary skills needed to feel comfortable in person on workshop day. During our class time together, we'll establish the foundation of your photography skills, enabling you to confidently implement proper techniques when we meet in person.

With four different dates & styles to choose from, 
there’s an editorial for everyone

Opulence, Meet Structure

april 12th, 2021 — anderson House  — Washington D.C

Curious? Find out More!

designed by Elizabeth gopal East made co 


Join us as we explore Larz Anderson House, a luxurious real-wedding venue overflowing with opulent, European-inspired textures and details. We'll be juxtaposing ornate, French-inspired style with structural, streamlined elements, yielding the ideal aesthetic mix suited for a modern, chic wedding. This editorial will feature two styled vignettes (one bridal, one fashion), lush floral design, a still life/dessert scene, and flatlays. Every detail will appeal to a discerning, luxury clientele, designed to enhance the quality and style of your portfolio.

The overarching concept behind this shoot is to showcase a highly stylized wedding that showcases all the traditional elements included in a wedding, curated in such a way to highlight impeccable style and design. The theme for this shoot is “East Coast Traditionalism” with the backdrop of the Ocean House setting the stage for these components to be on display. 

East Coast Traditionalism

april 27TH, 2021 — OCEAN HOUSE — RHODe ISLAND

The Details

DESIGNED BY kaleb norman james


Transport yourself to the French countryside as you photograph a design rooted in classic French romanticism. We will explore Oheka Castle in all of its grandeur through a real destination wedding inspired editorial. Our design is inspired by the old world elegance of France paired with the undeniable romanticism in their language, art, and fashion.  Luxury and romanticism will ooze from every detail, creating the perfect French destination fête for your portfolio. 

French Romanticism:
"Le Romantique"

may 11th — oheka castle  — Huntington, NY

Curious? Find out More!

designed by Rachael Ellen Events


Editor & Founder of Wedding Sparrow blog

Sara Russell



Social Media as a free Marketing platform to reach ideal clients - We’ll talk all about keywords, copywriting, and most importantly - how to reach brides on social media and not just other vendors.

Refining Your Style / Brand - How does your imagery resonate with a high end bride? How can we make sure our branding tone of voice is right for our ideal client? 

Intimate group live virtual session with Sara on:

A wedding blog for the stylish bride, Wedding Sparrow is a multi award winning premier wedding resource and inspirational website for brides all over the world and we specialise in featuring film photography and fine art weddings. We champion high quality vendors and artisans and love being involved in the wedding community. We believe in the tangible, beautiful, authentic and the inspirational. Filling a gap in the wedding blog industry (Wedding Sparrow is the world’s only all film fine art wedding blog!) Sara knew that her passion for fine art and love for all things tangible and film should be out there via pretty pictures. In just 2 short years, Wedding Sparrow has grown from a tiny one-person blog to a multi-award winning international team of fine art lovers and she couldn’t be more proud. Sara loves how passionate readers and vendors are for quality products and services and hopes this shines through in the blog. Sara is the world’s biggest wedding obsessive and is usually knee deep in wedding pretty at Wedding Sparrow HQ. You’ll find Sara blogging away, attending events, and chatting to like-minded artisans at workshops!

wedding sparrow 

©Erich McVey

How to use workshop content (images) to market yourself - Let’s make sure you stand out amongst the attendees and are able to utilise these images to not only put your own brand stamp on them, but to use them to book brides knowing what they are looking for on social media.

Kaleb Norman James

Elizabeth Gopal

Meet the creative team...

Linda Ha

Rachael Ellen

And I’ve been intrigued by photography since I was a boy. In youth I discovered a fascination with film when my Father left behind a vintage camera. I was amazed by the mechanics of the time-worn device, in awe of its capability to freeze moments in time. Today, I’m an editorial and wedding photographer capturing stories filled with feeling, and my love of light and film continues to shape my craft. I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge I’ve chased since childhood with aspiring creatives and seasoned professionals alike, and I believe wholeheartedly that there’s always more to learn from one another. 

Hi there, I'm Rudney Novaes —

Meet the creative behind the concept

More about me!

Enroll and get the following...


Quality Peers — An opportunity to meet the makers. Get to know the stylists behind the shoot and widen your work circle.

Quality Design  — Luxury content captured in a beautiful and relaxed environment to use on your portfolio and social media.

Quality Mentorship — 2 hours of online teaching on the theory of film and instruction from Rudney Novaes & exciting guest speakers in an fully educational and intimate setting.

Quantity time — A dedicated 2 or 3 hours for shooting in an intimate setting with a limited number of photographers

Enough Said, I'm In! 
Enroll for the Educational Editorial

april 12 - 2021

Anderson House

- Live virtual technique class
- 2 hours of in person shoot time
- Fewer than 6 attendees on site, separated into small groups
- Multiple styled vignettes
- Personalized guidance from our curated vendor team 


Westerly, RI
april 27 - 2021

Ocean House

- Live virtual technique class
- 3 hours of in person shoot time
- Fewer than 4 attendees on site, separated into small groups
- Multiple styled vignettes
- Personalized guidance from our curated vendor team 

June 30 - 2021

Oheka Castle


- Live & virtual technique class
-  Full day wedding workshop
- Fewer than 10 attendees on site, separated into small groups
- Multiple styled vignettes
- Personalized guidance from our curated vendor team 



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will be photographing using social distancing guidelines. We will be taking the temperature of all participants upon arrival at the venue. All vendor teams & workshop attendees will require to wear a mask even if you have been vaccinated. Please reach out to me via email if you'd like to discuss this in more detail. Our collective health and safety is our top priority!

What are the Covid-19 safety protocols?

Of course! You can use all of the images on your website and social media channels. I value crediting vendors for their art, and as participants I kindly ask you to credit the entire creative team involved in the workshop you selected. 


Due to the nature of this educational series your deposit is non-refundable. As such, you will not be able to reschedule your mentoring date once payment has been taken. If for any unseen circumstances you are unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your seat to another participant.

What is the cancelation policy? 

Once you register, you will receive a detailed list of helpful information on how to prepare for your shooting day. In the meantime, one of the main things to consider is bringing your favorite film camera and film stock. If you don't have a film camera, you can rent or buy one from KEH. 

What Should I bring with me? 

Before your scheduled date there will be a virtual live session in a webinar format with myself and a guest speaker, during which we will go over the basic theory of film. You will be able to ask questions and interact with other participants in the call. You will also receive a 30-minute Zoom follow up session after the workshop to review the images you created and address any remaining questions.


No, however, this guided editorial's primary focus is to help you understand and experiment with the magic of film and use it as a tool to elevate your brand's aesthetic. Digital shooters will also benefit. It's essential to have a strong understanding and knowledge of your own camera. If you have any technical concerns about your gear, please let me know beforehand so we can discuss it together. 


don't worry, we have the answers!

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Grateful for all of them 

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The most powerful and accurate film emulation, scientifically engineered from real film.

A mentoring opportunity curated to enhance your portfolio, in a intimate setting.
Educational Editorial

Are you ready to expand
and elevate your portfolio?

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Unearth editorial features, view what takes place behind the scenes and get lost in beautiful images from Washington DC.

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About the Creator

With over a decade of experience in the wedding industry ranging from entertainment to coordination to design, and an innovative eye for styling and visuals, Elizabeth has quickly become a highly sought after fine art wedding planner/stylist and editorial designer, worldwide. Her work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Over the Moon, and countless fine art publications.  

Always seeking to inspire creativity, Elizabeth passionately believes that every entrepreneur has the ability to draw from their own life experiences and unique eye to create a bespoke aesthetic, original to their own brand.  

Elizabeth regularly incorporates fine art and cultural inspiration into her designs, and is especially known for her innovative flatlay and prop styling. Her current inspirations include Parisian architecture, vintage textiles, and Scandinavian home design, and her favorite moment on every wedding day is sending the bride down the aisle.

About Elizabeth Gopal

Work with me in a side-by-side setting as I guide you through each vignette I've styled, and help you confidently capture every stunning detail. We'll discuss composition, angles, lighting, posing, and how to infuse artistry into every image. As the photographer/designer relationship is always an essential one, you'll leave our shoot feeling inspired and refreshed for your future projects. 

I can't wait to meet you.

Let's work together
to create artistry and magic

Every time I stand before the ornate, gilded walls at Larz Anderson House, my mind overflows with inspiration. My first thought always is to design a lavish scene that will reflect this French-like environment, evocative of the over-the-top splendor of the Palace of Versailles (for example). But, sometimes I find my mind conflicted, as I am also heavily drawn to a more clean, refreshed style - I also love structured fashion and modern architecture. With our shoot at the Educational Editorial, I'll actually be merging the two - and I can't wait for you to see what I've been dreaming up.

Inspired by the Ornate Backdrop of an Elite DC Venue 

Opulence, Meet Structure 

I'm Inspired by Various Styles 

 This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

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About the Creator

Being born into a strong Italian family, Kaleb's father taught him the pursuit of excellence and attention to detail, while his mother instilled in him an understanding that kindness and intentionality will take him further than anything else. With these qualities laying the foundation, Kaleb began his company with the intent of being his client's greatest advocate and also their friend. This has allowed him to create truly beautiful events around the world, with an innate understanding of who his clients are and what is most important to them on their wedding day.

His passion for European architecture and design has set the tone for his signature style, while his East Coast floral design training sets the stage for his unique approach to traditional, yet intentionally unstructured floral work. With these principles combined, Kaleb has worked around the world, including Italy, France, Mexico, Hawaii & the Caribbean and all throughout the US, with work has been featured in national publications such as Brides & Martha Stewart, as well as People Magazine, Magnolia Rouge and more.  

Hi, I'm Kaleb James!

- Live virtual technique class
- 3 hours of in person shoot time
- Fewer than 4 attendees on site, separated into small groups
- Multiple styled vignettes
- Personalized guidance from our curated vendor team 


Experience the old world charm and refined traditionalism of a quintessential East Coast icon, the beautiful Ocean House. A stunning estate, perched high above the crashing waves, creating the perfect stage for a quintessential black tie affair the Kennedy’s would be proud of. From lush floral installations to an elaborate tablescape filled with ornate china and polished silver, we will be surrounded by stunning ocean views and classic architecture backdrops around every corner. Vignettes will include a Ralph Lauren-inspired engagement shoot on the croquet lawn, an oceanside ceremony in the formal gardens and a picturesque reception with all the perfect details.

East Coast Traditionalism

My Inspiration is 

Refined sophistication, traditional design & luxe details.

 This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

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About the Creator

Linda Ha is a creative director and designer based out of Virginia. She focuses on beautiful storytelling through creating imagery that is fresh, that inspires and pushes the boundaries of creativity. Pulling inspiration and being drawn to modern and organic aesthetics, she strives to provide thoughtful and intentional design that reflects the unique experiences of her clients.

She has been fortunate enough and the honor to have been published in many of the top wedding blogs and print magazines to include Martha Stewart Weddings, Inside Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty and many more.

When not working, you can find her scouring estate sales for a perfect vintage/antique item or spending quality time with her husband Robert and their two dogs, Bear and Moose.

Hi, I'm Linda Ha.

Modern Nostalgia

My Inspiration is 

Hotel Peter & Paul lands on list of  "best new hotels in the world"

In written terms, nostalgia is a concept of sentimental yearning or desire for something to return from a period of the past. We will visit the concept through fashion storytelling by drawing inspiration found in art, literature/history, and architecture. We will explore this through vintage prints, patterns, colors, and shapes/forms. Our aim is to create content that gives us the nostalgia reflections through a modern lens. Where it inspires and pushes the boundaries of creativity. What kind of story are you going to tell?

 This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

show me more

About the Creator

Rachael Ellen leads her international wedding planning, design, and floral design firm best that is best known for their romantic, timeless style. Featured in the pages of global publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, her work speaks for itself. She has designed and executed hundreds of weddings from California to New England, the Caribbean to France.

Her designs are inspired by art, romance, and her travels, and always maintain a fine-art, feminine aesthetic. She uses fragrance, music, taste, and texture to elevate the visual design to an immersive experience. Her Art History background and extensive travel experiences have shaped her as a designer and artist. She strives to uphold a sense of modern romanticism in every design she creates.

A true Francophile, fashion enthusiast, and artist, Rachael Ellen applies a wide range of inspiration into all of her styling, design, and floral work.

Hi, I'm Rachael Ellen.

Transport yourself to the French countryside as you photograph a design rooted in classic French romanticism. We will explore Oheka Castle in all of its grandeur through a real destination wedding inspired editorial. Our design is inspired by the old world elegance of France paired with the undeniable romanticism in their language, art, and fashion. This editorial will consist of a wedding ceremony setup, reception table design, a couture clad bride and groom, multiple detail vignettes, and lush, romantic florals. Luxury and romanticism will ooze from every detail, creating the perfect French destination fête for your portfolio. 

French Romanticism:
"Le Romantique"

My Inspiration is 

OHEKA CASTLE is a majestic historic mansion located on Long Island's Gold Coast between New York City and the Hamptons.

 This is exactly what I’ve been looking for